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 "Can I Take Your Picture?" (2010) 


You don’t see yourself from day to day. There’s the me I can’t see, and the me I’m used to seeing in mirrors, windows... I instinctively avert my gaze the moment I catch the eye of the me I see in reflections. 


How really is the me that I see? Is that me? Is it the me inside of me? Or is it a me quite different from me? Yet the moment when I ask myself this is the moment I’m no doubt right here. 

The idea behind my project is to combine two photographs into one.The first photo is a snapshot that is taken while the subject is unaware that they are having their photograph taken. For the second photo I ask the person from the first photograph if they can pose for me while I take their photo.For both photographs the camera is fixed in the same place so that each picture has the same frame.

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