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Green (2022)

Green is an artwork and process that is to reach a “trance”of losing myself(我), the state of not sticking to me, the notion made from the realization that the universal truth I believe in was actually from the stereotypes I’ve made.


In our life, there are countless moments of conflict. For example, every day, the questions such as “Who am I?”, and “Why that person thinks differently from what I do?” are asked to us due to the conflicts repeatedly occurring and disappearing in our minds. However, when we carefully ponder the questions occurring conflicts, every question has “me(我)” in it. “My insistence”and the perception of “It’s different from me” cause the conflict inside of oneself or with others. Then, what will happen if ‘myself(我)’is removed from this? Where I(我) don’t exist. Reaching the status that is silent after getting out of all conflicts. Schopenhauer used the expression of ‘loss of ego’; here, ego(自我) means one’s will and desire, and by getting rid of it, one can reach a state of trance.


For about a year, I have observed the change of the seasons, which was from Spring to Summer, while I was living in an environment that is close to nature; the change of the colors of the nature to green was indescribably beautiful. Then, for a moment, I found that the one green color filling my eyes has many various heavenly colors; however, we just call them green. “Green”is the name we designated for distinguishing the color from other colors, which has no exact reality. As if my “self” is established in the relationship with others and there’s no such thing as the actual “me” in this world.


I had to reach the state of not sticking with my green, getting away from the notion that green is just one and only. I need to have a mindset that the green color filling all things in the world can be divided into all different kinds of green colors. In that way, I can find the real trance(無我之境).

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